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Spectral Noise Measurment (Dual) Tool


The Spectral Noise Measurment (Dual) tool is designed to record sound in the frequency range of 4 Hz to 60 kHz. These log are run in both production and injection wells. They can be run under dynamic (flowing) or static (shut-in) conditions. The fluid noise and volume is dependent on the fluid type, temperature, pressure and flowrate. The SNM tool is equipped by high-sensitivity hydrophone sensor (dual). The sensors are designed for recording acoustic noise in the range up to 60 kHz. The data pass through a high-quality gain stage, followed writing the data into non-volatile memory for further digital processing.  For a detailed mapping of results, the data produced in two operating frequency bands (Low frequency 4 – 8000Hz / High frequency 20 – 60000Hz). Data processing includes fast Fourier transformation that provides the required noise frequency spectrum.


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Features and Benefits:

• Determination of the location of flow-related features

• Identification of wellbore flows

• Determination of casing and tubing leaks

• Identification of perforations

• Determination cement channeling

• Identification of flows through the rock matrix and fractures


• Survey software: SNM Service for processing and quality control

• Log viewer software: Analysis for interpretation and visualization