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True MEMS gyro compass


The NorthFinder is based on MEMS gyro sensors which gives a rugged survey system in a 32 mm housing. The NorthFinder takes independent readings at survey stations, giving the gyro toolface and azimuth and also provides inclination as well as gravity highside. The main purpose of the NorthFinder is to serve as an independent reference together with the gyro for deep vertical boreholes.

Low power technology

The NorthFinder has a very low power consumption due to being based on MEMS sensors, consuming as little as 1 W of power. This is especially useful when running the instrument in a heat shield as it vastly improves the downhole time, generating very little heat compared to competing systems.

Fast WiFi transfer

The gyro compass and accelerometer data are transferred to the field computer using WiFi which ensures very fast data transfer. The transfer time is less than a minute even for large surveys. The NorthFinder survey software is easy to use and install. The survey software runs on multiple Windows platforms including XP, 7, 8, 10 on both 32 and 64-bit systems.

 Download the NorthFinder product sheet


Features and Benefits:

• Combine with isGyro

• Combine with wireline telemetry module

• MEMS technology

• No cables in memory mode

• Easy to operate


• Drop Gyro

• Memory or real time wireline surveys

• Whipstock orientation