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isGyro MKii


MEMS memory rate gyro system  The isGyro is a user-friendly borehole survey tool that offers you high accuracy in oil & gas applications. Download and processing times are fast and the tool can survey for up to 16 hours on a single battery charge. No special pre- or post-survey procedures are necessary to get into the hole. The simple set-up saves valuable site-time and potential sources of human error are significantly reduced. The modular design of the tool minimizes repair times and cost.


High-speed data transfer and processing The isGyro delivers accurate results at high speed: 1 hour's worth of survey data is processed in seconds while data download requires just 4 minutes. This is achieved by our unique combination of advanced sensors, microprocessor systems, efficient data collection and processing techniques.


isAnalysis - versatile analysis software  isAnalysis software allows users to visualize, edit, correct, group and export their survey data. It can also import data from other surveying tools, Excel spreadsheets or text files. This allows easy addition of data from other tools and reference data to create a single exported spreadsheet. isGyro surveys can also be reprocessed in a batch. All data is quickly regenerated by the single click of a button, with automatic updating of all tables and charts.




Features and Benefits:

• Robust & reliable

• MEMS Technology (No moving parts)

• Power efficient

• Super-fast processing

• All inclinations and latitudes

• Quality control

• Survey inside drill rods

• Memory gyro on slickline

• Memory gyro with well tractor

• Drop gyro

New version of isGyro

The isGyro MKll has a fourth gyro which is basically a secondary z-axis gyro inclined to the primary z-axis gyro. This solution will make the tool possible to handle higher rotation rates in the hole - from 450 deg/s to 900 deg/s.  Also new system has a reset function which will automatically reset all gyros when the tool hits the BHA before the survey starts so there is no loss of data. The reset time is 300 milli seconds.