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Wireline Telemetry Module

The Wireline Telemetry Module (WTM) is an intelligent bridge between the tool bus and surface system. It serves both as a communications interface and as a programmable logging controller. It collects data from tools through toolbus and then make all data as packet and then send to surface system, also it can receive command from the surface system and then to control working mode of downhole tools. There is one DC-DC converter build-in to convert the high voltage from the line to lower working voltage for the toolbus.


The WTM is becoming available in early 2015.


Features and Benefits:

• Communication between surface system and toolbust

• Power adaptor for toolbust

• Automatic identification of all the tools in the stringt

• Cablebus uplink protocol selectablet

• Toolbus downlink protocol selectablet

• Telemetry bit rate (50 or 100 kbps) selectable to suit varying demands and conditionst

• H2S resistant