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Production Logging Tool in horizontal


Record a combination of measurements that describe the nature and behavior of fluids in or around the borehole during production or injection. Production logs are run for the purpose of analyzing dynamic well performance and the productivity or injectivity of different zones, diagnosing problem wells, or monitoring the results of a stimulation or completion. New techniques applied in tool are focused on local probes to measure holdup at different points in the borehole, nuclear techniques to analyze the total holdup of all three phases, and phase-velocity logs for the analysis of individual fluids.


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Features and Benefits:

• No additional hardware or software required

• Simple mechanical and electrical design

• Flexibility and reliability in downhole sensors combination 42mm O.D.

• 150°C  operating temperature

• 60 MPa operating pressure

• Supported by KAPPA production logging analysis software package for an easy and accurate flow profile determination

• Real-time wireline surveys


• Casing Collar Locator

• Gamma Ray

• Pressure

• Temperature

• Inline Spinner Flowmeter

• Multi sensor water-cut tool

• Resistivimetry

• HEX (Heat exchanger)

• Lateral Inflow Spinners